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Meeting with Shia women of Turkey

Grand Ayatollah Duzduzani Tabrizi  (may he be under the protection of Allah) met with a group of Shia women from Turkey and Germany which were looking forward to participate in the birthday ceremony of the Birthday of Imam Mahdi in Qom.

In this meeting, which was held in the office of His Holiness, He congratulated the birth of their only savior of mankind to the participants and  added:

I thank you for going through this long and tiresome journey to come to the shrine of Hazrat Reza (PBUH) and the holy mosque of Jamkaran.  May God grant you grace and spiritual reward for this travel.  May God have mercy on all of your good doings. Supreme authority also said: blessed is he who acts on their religious duties. We’re not born to just eat and drink and enjoy and then leave everything to the heirs. We have come to life in order to go to hereafter. This world is like a farm.  Theorem of prosperity is in between and we must buy happiness for hereafter.  In addition, it is not possible only by paying attention to our religion.

  His holiness added; we must, first strengthen our belief in religion.  If we believe in heaven and hell for doing good and bad, then we would not acquire wealth and status in this world. His holiness also recalled the advice of the Prophet PBUH and said to a group of Yemenis; “First, believe in God.”  The essence of prosperity of human is in believing in God and getting advice. His Holiness expressed the Hadith of Prophet PBUH as the second basis of human happiness. And noted: According to the Hadith of the Prophet he who does not say prayed reaches the limits of disbelief and never gains happiness in life. It is said that if a person intentionally misses a prayer he will become of those in hell.

In your country pay attention to the prayer of your children and family, it is the same prayer that if accepted all your prayers will become accepted. The great Prophet in one of the wars after victory was asked to remove the duty of prayer from them.  However, he replied:

“خیر فی دین لاصلاه فیه”

In a religion without prayers, there is no gain. His holiness at the end of his speech pointed out the Quran elevation.

“انذر عشیرتک الاقربین”

The women participating in this meeting then were invited to way of righteousness. His holiness also added; in these times in which people are invited to different kinds of bad doings and guilt, it is your duty to take care and be careful in the city.  Clean food, morality, prayer, purity, hijab and social communications in order to have chaste children. His holiness at the end said prayer for their Health and new successes.

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