about Sufisim

Question and Answer from the Ayatollah Duzduzani Tabrizi about Sufisim

Question Please define pantheism and say, is the pantheism meant by mystics and philosophers the same as the one meant by grand Fiqh experts, or they are different?

Answer Pantheismishierarchical ,and whatisnot justifiable is that the Almighty God is the very existence, and none of the Fiqh experts believe something like that, and what is acceptable is the fact that the truth of existence is the same in God and other creatures, but they are in different levels, and we can say that in fact this statement is the same as the plurality of entities, as it has been mentioned in the prayers “You are the creator and I am the creature, you are the Lord and I am the servant…”

Question Is it permissibleto mention the miracles and greatness of the Sufism and dervishes (in any form) in books and the press and other media?

Answer– Much of the greatness of the heads of Sufism, which is mentioned in the books and various publications or in the public media, are false and fraudulent, and if other parts of it has truly happened, it has been through illegal methods and assisted by Satan. In some cases nothing has happened at all and they mislead people by deception. Therefore considering their false way and the grave danger from them which threatens the basis of the religion, narrating and disseminating anything which strengthens their place in the people’s hearts is not permissible.

Question Can dreams and revelations be taken as proofs and be used for reasoning in Islam? What is the verdict concerning mentioning revelations and greatness of people who are not so trustworthy, in order to promote their place in the public opinion by saying that dreams are their only proof?

Answer The dreams of the prophets is of course divine revelation, and the dream of the pious strengthens them in some cases, but the dream of a non-infallible is never taken as a proof, and we cannot understand any axioms from them, and the dream in some cases and in some people are evil persuasions, as it has been mentioned in some historical resources, that the Satan appeared to Ali Muhammad Baab several times and finally persuaded him tothe false claim,there has been strange dreams happening to the devout people and they were influenced by evil temptations for years, but by having recourse to the assistance of the immaculate Imams (peace be upon them), they managed to save themselves from the Satan.

Therefore, the basis of truthfulness of no school of thought or religion or faith can be proven by dream and revelation, and narrating and dissemination of these dreams and revelations, which weakens the truth or spreads the false, is not permissible.

Question Is this story true that the Maruf Karkhi took Bay’ah on behalf of Imam Reza and was authorized to appoint a successor in spiritual upbringing (Tariqat)?

Answer This matter does not have any correct and valid evidence, and Imam (peace be upon him) has not granted anyone permission for succession, and basically according to Shia beliefs, it is meaningless to appoint a successor whether in Shari’at (the law) or in Tariqat (the way) while there is an infallible Imam.

Question What is the meaning of Bay’ahin Islam? And how long it existed?

Answer Bay’ah, is an oath of allegiance to a certain person by another person or a group of people, in other words it’s a vow or promise. Therefore Bay’ah in Islam is exclusive to the prophet and the infallible Imams (peace be upon them).

Question Is it true that the title of the caliphs Imam Ali (pbuh) had a long whisker?

Answer There are almost thirty quotes by the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) and the holy Imams (pbut) in shortening whisker and condemning growing a long one, such as a quote by the prophet of Islam (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) who said: “Don’t lengthen your whisker every one of you, because Satan will take it as a hideout” (Wasail-ul-Shia, Vol. 1, page 421)

Question What is the verdict of attending the Sufi monasteries and gatherings?

Answer It is not permitted.

Question Can we take the Ashariya of Sufism as an alternative to Khums?

Answer Khums is one-fifth of the income and Ahariya is one-tenth of the income, therefore the Ahsariya is not sufficient to be taken as Khums, and furthermore Khums has some conditions and issues which have been mentioned in the Resalah Amaliyah.

Question People like Mansoor Hallaj, Hasan Basri and Attar, etc are being advertised by the media for many years, would you explain what were they like?

Answer- These people have been pawns of the Sufism sect, and it is well known that Mansur Hallaj used to make a blasphemous statement as “There is nothing under my cloak but God” and it has been narrated that Imam Zaman (A.S) has damned him.

Question What is the verdict concerning the promotion and dissemination of the beliefs of various sects of Sufism in any form?

Answer The Sufism beliefs have indeed originated from the non-Islamic sources, and have no Islamic basis and are genuinely invalid. Great Islamic scholars such as Allama Majlisi, Sheikh Horr Ameli, Moqaddas Ardabili, Mirza Qomi etc. have clearly stated this fact, and this group has stood against the Hujjat-s of God with the intention of acquiring official positions and achieving mundane benefits and has turned ordinary people away from the righteous path during the Imams (peace be upon them) era. Thus the promotion and dissemination of the beliefs of any sects of Sufism is not permissible.

Question Is it permissibleto describe holy concepts using lowly and humble words such as describing God as a companion and a lovely mistress, describing masjid as a bar, and describing prayer as dance and many other such descriptions?

Answer The holy names of God are exclusive and we cannot address God using arbitrary names, and also the names of the prophets and guiding Imams (peace be upon them) are limited to the ones mentioned in the narrations and the hadith-s, and therefore we see that the holy Quran has strongly condemned those who address the angels using feminine names (Surah Najm, verse 22-23). Thus any description that would lower the position and greatness of the God or the position of the prophets, Imams, angels, masjids and Islamic teachings is not permissible.

Question Do narratives from Ahlulbayt include such a thing as Shari’at (the religious law), Tariqat (the religious way) and Haqiqat (the truth)?

Answer In his name: This sequence has not been mentioned in the narrations of the infallibles (peace be upon them), and such statements have been made by Sufism.

Question Is it correct, whether historically or from the Imams’narrations point of view that Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) disseminated the Shari’at and Imam Reza (peace be upon him) disseminated Tariqat (the way) aspect of religion?

Answer Not correct, but it is the task of all Imams (peace be upon them) to disseminate and promote the holy religious law of Islam.

Question Is it true that the Sufism dynasties emerged from the Imams (pbut)?For example: Imam Ali (pbuh) gave a cloak to Hasan Basri and Komail-ibn-Ziyad / Imam Reza (pbuh) gave a clock to Maruf Karkhi/ Imam Sajjad (pbuh) gave a cloak to Ibrahim Adham / Imam Sadiq (pbuh) gave a cloak to Bayazid Bastami.

Answer Because Imams (pbut) introduced the next Imam for leadership and provision of guidance to people, it is untrue that Imams (pbut) introduced a Qutb and a progenitor of a dynasty. While the members of such dynasty are typically Suni and in some cases were Nasibi who were an enemy of Imams, such as Yafiee, the teacher of Shah Nimatullah, whom has been mentioned as one of the Nasibi-s, so it is meaningless that the Sufis and the dervishes are rooted from Imams (pbut), and the holy Imams (pbut) are the progenitor of their dynasty, and such arguments have emerged later. Even Imams (pbut) have condemned and damned such people, as in a quote by Imam Sadiq (pbuh) where he says: “They (Sufis) are our enemies, so anyone who follows them, then they are one of them and will be resurrected together with them… and anyone who shows tendency towards them is none of us, and we hate him, and one who rejects them, it is as if they had battled the Pagans as a jihad in the presence of the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny).

Question Is it right to give religious funds to the dervish?

Answer Khums is divided into two parts, one part is given to the poor and deserving Sadat according to the instructions mentioned in Resalah Amaliyah, and the second part is spent in special cases under the supervision of a Marja’. And there is to say about Zakat, if dervishes practice the Sharia, and take part in the gatherings and prayers in Masjid, it is not unlikely to be permissible to give it to them.