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The text by Grand Ayatollah Duzduzani Tabrizi


Question 1: Why is it necessary for a person to believe in a religion?

In answering this question, first, we must define religion and then answer the question.

Religion is a set of beliefs and religious laws, economic regulations, social definitions, and human moralities as God’s revelation brought to us through divine books.  Therefore, religion has rituals, ceremonies, commitments, and obligations and a religious person must follow those.  However, why a person must seek the right religion and obtain it has many reasons which we will try to cover the briefly.


Human by nature is deist.  With his rational mind knows God and seeks his ideal idol to- as quoted by Einstein- worship him, ask forgiveness, cry to, and ask mercy from.  So that he might find peace.  According to this requirement, he is inherent in the task of searching for the cause of the creation of the world, and the majority of the religious people approve this reason.  If we look in the history and before compilation of the history, we see that no nation and tribe were without religion, they might attend superstitions and traditions contrary to reason accepted.

Therefore, this breeding in religious is the reason for originality of religion.  Archaeologists found statues and idols that human worshiped.  In addition, as the evolution of science and the human intellect evolved, the number of idols and statues decreased.  The Second World War caused Science to fall from the status of divinity, because people realized that science was the cause of death of many people, and instead, more people started to believe in God.

Presence of fake gods and idol are a bright reason for existence of a true and ideal God.  The fact that no human being from the beginning of creation were without a supernatural belief system is a solid reason to the necessity of religion.  Moreover, today we witness the fall of materialism and communism.


to Avoiding potential damage.  All the prophets from beginning to the last were obliged to invite people to worship God.  Among them were also geniuses like Bo-Ali Sina, Einstein, Carrel, and Max plunge, Edison.  Therefor it is hard to believe that all those prophets and philosophers agreed on a major lie and it is the thought of a healthy mind to avoid the potential damage with believing in religion.

Emam Sadegh AS said to Ebn abi Alavaja’ and his followers that if we are right and there is a Judgment day and deeds do not go uncounted, we are winners, because we follow the right way by saying prayers and going to Haj and fasting.  In addition, if our thoughts were wrong we do not lose anything.  However, if there is a heaven and hell for those who do not believe in God it will be a great loss for them.



Survival of religion through times.  There have been many revolutions in time, which had different impacts on different traditions and ceremonies, and some of them do not exist anymore.  Nowadays the Hammurabi Code only exists in history for example.  Many different rules and regulations are dead now.

  Nevertheless, only religion has survived all the social and political revolutions and changes.  Even renaissance which rose in opposition with church and Christianity only succeeded in weakening the religion for a short period but Christianity regained its power shortly after and now you can find the essence of religion in Christmas in its full glory.

Question 2: Why Islam is superior to other religions?

Religion is God’s divine massage to all the people and all the religions are complete.  What makes the difference is the capacity in understanding these massages in different societies.  In definition the more human gains experience through his life, the more he gains the ability to understand massages that are more complete.

 In addition, the reason for progression in religion is because the recipients of these massages have also progressed in receiving and understanding.  According to this, Final religion, which is the Islam, must be more complete than its successors.  You might ask how do you know that there will not be new religion after Islam.  The answer is that in God massage Prophet Muhammad PBUH is named as the final prophet. God says in verse 40 of Surah Ahzab:

ما کانَ مُحَمَّدٌ أَبا أَحَدٍ مِنْ رِجالِکُمْ وَلکِنْ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ وَخاتَمَ النَّبِیِّینَ وَکانَ اللَّهُ بِکُلِّ شَیْ‏ءٍ عَلیماً””

Meaning that, the prophet is not the father of neither of you and will not be, but he is the messenger of God and the last one of his prophets.  Moreover, God is aware of all.

Question 3: Why do we believe that Shia is the right religion?

We believe that all religions are agreeable and that Islam does not deny any of them, but in Shia, this statement is not only false but also unimaginable.  Shia is a different reading and understanding of Islam and it is beyond logic to accept more than one understanding and reading of Islam.  Now we attend to your question, which asks the superiority of Shia.  Naturally, it is not discussable in such brief and short space, but I give you two worth thinking points, which can brighten up the issue for us.

First, Shia is the religion that the family of Prophet Muhammad PBUH- the Prophet’s Cousin Ali, and the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, and her children, which including the prophet are known as Khamse Al Aba – are the representative of.  This family by the confession of friend and enemy are the family of science and purity and piety.  Now I ask you, can you leave a reading done by them without thinking?

“اهل البیت أدرى بما فی البیت”

Second, the very basis of Shia believes in the superiority of family of prophet in knowing and understanding of doing the deeds that are more acceptable in the sight of God.

In Quran there are more than 200 sings proofing the status of Prophet and his family’s validity with different forms.  It is true that some of the followers of different religions deny the validity of some of these sings, but there is no possible way to deny some of the because of their historical validity.  In addition to knowing the Shia and the province of the Prophet is Hadith Thaqalayn in which the Prophet says:

“إنی تارک فیکم الثقلین کتاب الله و عترتی أهل بیتی”

Shia believes that Hadith Thaqalayn shows solid proof in the province of Ahlul Bayt and Sunni believes the same.  At least the dignity of Koran interpretation is still for ahle beyt due to this narrative.  Now if Ahlol bayt says, that in the verse of Velayat, which is:

“إنما ولیکم الله ورسوله والذین یؤتون الزکوه وهم راکعون”

Is the observer to the province of Amir?  What conflict remains?  Or if he mentioned the verse:

“”أطیعوا الله وأطیعوا الرسول وأولی الأمر منکم

And considered it as the observer to the Esmah and the province of Ahlul Bayt, there will be no room for its denial.  In addition, as it was mentioned this topic consists of about 200 verses about the dignity of Ahlul Bayt.

Another example is the story of Ghadear in which, the Prophet Muhammad stated:

“”من کنت مولاه فهذا علی مولاه اللهم وال من والاه و عاد من عاداه وانصر من نصره واخذل من خذله

This story is of those stories which are be implied to other religions as well. The least of these story which is applicable to other religions is that if Amir is the Vali of believers, there should not be anything done unless for his consent and by his permission. Are the provisions of these traditions to show the validity of Shia? These are the firsts in this topic, but for your thinking, these are enough.

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