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Religious celebration of Ghadir

Grand Ayatollah Duzduzani Tabrizi message of congratulation on occasion of Gadir-e Khom Eid 1428 A.H.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
His eminence message of congratulation on occasion of Gadir-e KhomEid 1428 A.H. as a reply to a group of believers from Isfahan.

Thank God forplacing us among the people who resort to the Velaiat of Ali-Ibn-i Abitalib the title of the caliphs and his infallible progeny (peace be upon them)

۱٫ Unfortunately, Maba’ath and Gadir-e KhomEid-s have been hold dear beneath their dignity in spite of the fact that they are two turning points in the annals of human history, it needs to try in order that Maba’ath Eid of the last prophet (peace and blessing be upon him and his progeny) and Gadir-e KhomEid to be considered not only among Muslims but also the whole world.

These Eid-s need to spread through the entire world like the Eid of the birth of his holiness Jesus (peace be upon him) that was spread out through the entire world by the Christian society to such an extent that presidents and elites of Islamic countries congratulate governors of Christian countries and the Christian society on this Eid and they send message in this occasion,thus it has to be said that we neglect in this connection such that we don’t express enthusiasm and elegance for these two Eid-s even in our self country Iran and it is prejudicial to our society.

Isn’t it an imperfection for a Shia country that people celebrate NowruzEid in such a manner and they change their daily life and cease to work for a few days, but they shorten the Gadir Eid ceremony to a few minutes?

۲٫ Reliable missionaries who know about history, knowledge and lifestyle of our lord and master Ali (peace be upon him) need to be invited in these meetings and ceremonies that would be held in this occasion in order to quench audience’s thirst for knowledge.

۳٫ We strongly suggest to earmark most of the time for explaining the knowledge and the truth and for listening to them and not for eulogy, poem etc.

we also suggest dear panegyrists and commemorators to use poems refer to knowledge and authentic lifestyle of his holiness (peace be upon him). Because we will be questioned by the almighty God about every moment of the time of theirs whom spend time with us.
I hope that this great Eid enjoy more magnificence and to be given more attention by a joint effort by you, all Shia-s and lovers of the title of the caliphs (peace be upon him).

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